Financial Law

We offer comprehensive strategic advice on financing transactions, aimed at domestic and international clients, from debt restructurings to equipment leasing. The financial lawyers of our offices have an integrated national and international practice that provides and coordinates perfectly legal services for our clients throughout Colombia and around the world. National and global financial services companies rely on the expertise of our regulatory team to navigate emerging and complex governance, compliance, and enforcement issues.

We have extensive experience as advisors to lenders and borrowers in national and cross-border financing transactions. Our solutions are viable for the problems our clients face.  We understand the risks that lenders and borrowers are typically willing to accept given the current market environment and provide strategies that appropriately allocate and mitigate those risks. We are willing to address all your concerns in this area.


  1. Acquisition financing
  2. Aircraft leasing and financing
  3. Asset-based loans
  4. Bonus offers
  5. Bridge financing
  6. Construction financing
  7. Corporate loans
  8. Debt restructuring
  9. Equipment financing
  10. Inter-accrediting agreements
  11. Financing leveraged acquisitions
  12.  Insolvency procedures