Insolvency AND Bankruptcy Pocedures

Protect your credit, safeguard your business, and preserve employment. The current Colombian landscape necessitates your unwavering commitment to shielding your company as a valuable asset, while also upholding the rights of your workers to secure decent jobs. If you are a merchant, prioritize the protection of your family as well. Seek guidance from an experienced insolvency attorney to navigate potential challenges.

Strategic Debt Solutions, Restructuring and Consulting Services for Your Business

The insolvency rules are designed to adopt comprehensive solutions that in most cases lead to the recovery of the company. Whether you need operational and financial restructuring, insolvency or advisory services – let our team help you discover strategic and cost-effective solutions..
Corporations or Merchants

Insolvency counseling for natural persons

Through an initial consultation, you will be able to clarify your doubts and determine if it is definitely convenient for you to take advantage of one of the bankruptcy proceedings.
Natural Person